In a competitive marketplace (and they nearly all are at the moment,) true differentiation is the only way to grow your business. The creation... (more in Details)

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    United Kingdom
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  • In a competitive marketplace (and they nearly all are at the moment,) true differentiation is the only way to grow your business. The creation of a memorable brand experience based on your vision; from the first touch-point to the delivery of the product/service itself, is the only way to grow. Being memorable is so important; it allows you to leverage your existing client/customer bases for referrals as well as making a splash to new prospects.

    Build brands from the inside out:

    No we won’t give you a ‘makeover.’ The long term success of your business relies on your brand working for you and not the other way around. We engage all of the stakeholders but concentrate particularly with the management team ensuring the vision we communicate is one that they understand, believe in themselves and want to take forward. Otherwise, your new glossy communications will be neglected-or even worst – your actions will betray your message. The beginning of every project requires some real heavy lifting. We throw ourselves into this analytical part of the process as it is the most critical element for building a strong brand and long-term commercial success.

    Turn up the volume:

    Once we’ve got the message, the vision and management buy-in. We turn the volume up to ten. Boldness is at the heart of our approach. Not boldness for its own sake but boldness to achieve differentiation and market success.

    Relentless ‘Attention to detail’:

    It’s all in the detail. The difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘outstanding’ is usually the combination of hundreds of minor details. We always put that time in. Even when it gets hard (and with digital services and new trends like multi-browser compatibility,) it can get really, really hard. But we understand that this is where the real difference lies and why people choose to engage us.

Experience & Achievements

  • Set up the Loft Creative Studios. Working on all forms of design inc vehicle exterior styling, interior styling, graphic design, flash animation and web design etc ( mar 2009 - Present)

    Freelance Design & Illustration with various clients inc Stile Bertone(Feb 2008 - Feb 2009)

    Internship with Honda Advanced Design (2006)

    Internship with Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, (2004)

    Internship with BeeStudio (DSN), (2003)

    Collaborative Project with Jaguar Cars (2003)


  • Glasgow Met College
    Flash & Web Design ( 2008)

    Kilmarnock College
    Life Drawing & Fine Art ( 2007 - 2008)

    Coventry University Degree
    Transport Design (MDes)
    2000 - 2005

Working language(s)

  • English
  • Italian
  • French


  • Sketch modelling
  • 3d modelling
  • A-class surfacing
  • Technical surfacing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Visualisation
  • Presentation
  • Animation


  • Flash (Adobe)
  • Photoshop (Adobe)
  • Alias Products (Autodesk)
  • Bunkspeed (Bunkspeed)

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